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overwintering salvias---rhizomes, tubers??

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by Linsey on September 30, 2005 03:37 PM
I'm in MN zone 4. I am wanting to overwinter my Salvia guaranitica. Should I just dig up the plants and try to keep them alive or should I keep the rhizomes or tubers? ANY advice would be helpful. I'm willing to try anything. Why just let them die?! I'd just like to save some money and not have to buy new plants in the spring!! I have three plant and I need at least three different ideas to try! [Wink]

[flower] Linsey
by alankhart on September 30, 2005 09:27 PM
Salvia is rather easy to grow from cuttings, so that would be one suggestion. Take a cutting about 5 in. long from a non-flowering stem , remove the bottom leaves , dip the end in rooting hormone and stick in moist potting soil. You should do at least 6 cuttings just to make sure at least one survives. Keep them inside near a window and water when needed. They should root in about 6 weeks.

You could try digging the plants up and overwintering them indoors, but salvias need a lot of sun and you probably couldn't give them enough. The plants may not look very good but they may survive, and once they get replanted next year they will grow back just as good as before.

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