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Jalepeno Pepper Plants Inside?

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by mrsnoe1 on October 19, 2005 04:18 AM
Does anyone out there know if I can pull out my jalepeno pepper plants and pot them and bring them indoors? I live in Nebraska and we have had a few hard frosts, but they are still producing for me. I'd love to keep at least one of them indoors..any suggestions?

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by comfrey on October 19, 2005 06:36 AM
I have grown peppers in a pot in the house before, when digging it up though you should try to dig as big of a dirt ball around it as possible so as not to cause to much shock for the plant.

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by njoynit on November 02, 2005 01:45 AM
I grow mine in pots and through out the winter.I 1st did it cause had iguana,but she'd steal the peppers and climb all over the plant& glare at me when I'd scold her.I don't have her anymore,but I still will over winter a few jalpeno plants.the peppers will keep still,but taste different when are red,but those are good with deer meat.I don't fertilize them.I keep them watered so's not wilting.& last year were cold greenhoused.i think my wintered plants prduce better than my new seedling plants.cyanne will work too but they look real shabby come spring,but I trimmed it and did fine& was bushier.
I think someone told me 5 yrs ago that they won't set viable fruit durring the off season due to lighting& soil temps.My pot grown perform better.I unpotted 2 plants and grew in garden and the others in pots were lots better...and its soil is 3 yrs old.

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