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by mike gondek on August 13, 2006 03:49 AM
Can you help me identify this plant or offer any tips on how to take better care? I have tried less/more water, misting,fertilizing and both plants are not growing as well after transplanting a year ago. Problem seems that the stems are not as thick and consistent thickness as before. Some new leaves are growing, but they eventually get a yellow spot and die off. When healthy the plant gets a red trim on the green leaves. This plant grows like a vine but the branches are not as flexible as on a pothos, so we split the plant a year ago after it began a 3xloop around the trellace.
by zuzu's petals on August 13, 2006 05:49 AM
[wavey] Hiya Mike,
Your plant appears to be a Philodendron, and my best guess would be
P. erubescens .

As to what may be affecting the health and vigor of your plant,
again, [Wink] I'd be guessing, but possibly a light level that is a bit too low.
Not all Philos can thrive in the very low light levels
that the common heartleaf philodendron (P. scandens) will tolerate.
Then again, yellowing of lower leaves can also be caused by over-watering.

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by zuzu's petals on August 13, 2006 05:51 AM
[Embarrassed] OOPS ~ sorry for the double post

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je mange, donc je suis
~~~ rene dessertcart

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by mike gondek on August 30, 2006 09:25 AM
Thankyou Zu Zu, I think you are right. I told my wife that we should water less, as our jades from Greece are so top heavy and could use longer stronger roots.

The plant defintely resembles P. erubescens , and will look up anything else I can find on them.

It's a wonderful life when you still have ZuZu's petals
by dodge on September 16, 2006 02:18 AM

I agree with you ........Philodendren.

Looks like to me , one could clip it and root the cuttings in water......Then plant them for a bushier plant.......

They do root....cut below a notch , on one of the limbs and put it into water.. Clean the water about every 3 days.

Good luck!!!!

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