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Calla Lily Growth Cycle??

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by GreenLeaf on December 26, 2005 06:33 AM
I tried doing research online about how "evergreen" calla lilies are. The more I look the more confused I become because I'm getting such conflicting results. One website says:

Did you know...calla lilies make excellent houseplants! They maintain lush green foliage year-round!
Yet another one about calla lilies says
When the plant has finished blooming, allow the foliage to mature and gradually reduce watering until the leaves have all died back.
I'm SO confused. Do they lose their leaves in dormancy or keep them all year round??? (I plan to grow them as houseplants.) Thanks for any help!

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~Green Leaf
by njoynit on December 26, 2005 10:46 PM
you can grow them great as houseplants.I grew my white one that way in a hanging basket for 9 years.I got a green goddess last year,but grew it over the winter so would be bigger as was a divsion.I've let green goddess go dormant in the ground cause is hardy enough that I can do keeps some green at the base and when gets cold I just kick some leaves over it.
As a houseplant give it a nice bright sunny window and can water once a week.make sure the pot is well draining so no root rot problems.It will keep its leaves,then can move outdoors when temps stay in 50s at night.they like humidity,you may need to set plant on a tray of gravels with water over them or group plants together.

Know all about confussed........I grow annuals that are actually hardy annuals...annuals that are actually perieneials& annuals that self sow madly

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