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by njoynit on October 02, 2004 07:00 AM
Well ya know me ...always wandering around in woods.Well wandered upon me some oxblood lilys.
[grin] kewl [flower]

They must have been there awhile cause are down about 12-14 inches.Seems I seem to have read they get planted4 inches deep.some are big bulbs some are smaller .So do i replant the large ones deeper?8 inches barely keeps stem errect(least the ones I didn't break)I'd swear the bulb had turned sideways with stem growing out side not top.

other question is do they form seeds?I see 2 bulb stems no flower but has green pod thing small like on amaryllis that forms seeds.And these are in shade growing so transplanting to MY shade,just 8.while there trimmed up hygrandea and got rid of dead stems and trimmed others for cuttings.checked out the kewl wisteria a run up stairs of house across the porch and growing inside the house on its way out of kitchen into liveingroom.some pine tree saplings young enough to move.Great day that day considering comp screwed up.

Can't agree is schoolhoue lily cause school starts Aug 9th.
I can agree about hurricane lily cause ivan passed through,,,,dumped 6 inches& they appeared.

I just love surprises [muggs]

* * * *
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by Carly on October 02, 2004 07:35 AM
You are right - that is truly kewl. I've never seen them before - guess that's cause I don't live down south.

I hope you ahve luck growing them in your shade.

* * * *
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