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by Jmateo6631 on February 21, 2006 11:00 AM
Hello everyone. I am new to this forum on this website and i have two very green thumbs. recently, I was given a lucky bamboo which was already in a pot. Now, as most are, some of the stalks were cut back. I have heard that the stalks will grow back in vigour their shoots, but i do not know how. I have already put drops of water on the tips of the stalks which were cut back to stimulate some sort of growth, but I am not sure if what I am doing is appropriate. I do not know, even, if the stalks should always be kept trimmed to that short height. Someone please respond to my message, as it will be greatly appreciated. ~~~Thankyou~~~
by Cricket on February 21, 2006 11:32 AM
Lucy Bamboo (Dracaena sanderana) grows shoots from the side of the stalk. There is no need to trim the stalks.

Sanderanas grow best in medium to bright indirect light. Direct sunlight will cause the leaves to become an unhealthy pale green.

Is your plant in a pot with soil or water? Many are sold in water with only gravel chips anchoring the roots. If this is the case, change the water weekly, adding a small amount of very dilute fertilizer monthly. Sanderanas can live in water for a long time but usually begin to deteriorate after about a year. Better yet is if the plant is potted directly in soil in a small pot where it will grow more quickly and vigorously and remain healthy looking for much longer. Fertilizing is unnecessary if potted in soil.

Enjoy your Lucky bamboo for however long it lasts and don't feel badly if it deteriorates sooner than most plants. This is a novelty plant made popular through marketing, not because of its longevity or durability.
by Jmateo6631 on February 25, 2006 09:34 AM
My bamboo came in a pot with water. PLease tell me more about the plant in soil and how it is "better yet," please.
by Cricket on February 25, 2006 06:09 PM
D. sanderina is not an acquatic plant, though it will live for quite a long time in water. Water doesn't provide the nutrients of soil and though you can fertilize with a balanced fertilizer containing trace minerals, it is very easy to overfertilize because the plant consumes very little nutrients. Eventually (usually after the first year, the plant begins to deteriorate.

It is better to pot sanderinas in a small pot using a peat-based commercial mix. Roots need a balance of water and air both of which are obtained through soil structure. Pockets of air in soil are displaced each time you water, which then in turn displaces water as the soil dries.

Sanderinas are not particularly long-lived but you can lengthen its life and appearance by potting in soil. Place the plant in a medium - bright indirect light location (direct sunlight will cause the leaves to pale), and let dry out moderately between waterings. Overwatering will lead to root rot.

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