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quick 'n SUPER easy pumpkin seeds

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by badplanter on September 24, 2006 06:01 AM
If you happen to be carving pumpkin seeds for halloween, don't throw 'em away! Cook them for a tasty treat!

first of all, seperate the seeds from all that orange goo. keep them into a container, and fill it with warm-ish water. let soak for 15 minutes or so. pour the water out, then let the seeds sit for another 5 minutes. next, spread them onto any baking or cookie tray. lightly salt, and let cook(at 350*) for about 25 minutes or until lightly brown.

and there you have it! quick, easy, slightly crunchy, pumpkin seeds!

(you could also just save the seeds and plant them in the spring, but thats a different story! [Big Grin] )

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by Wrennie on September 24, 2006 07:00 PM
I love roasted pumpkin seeds!

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