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This is what a weeding project can turn into!

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by Patty S on May 19, 2006 08:37 PM
I started to pull the grasses & weeds on the other side of my veggie garden fence, because I'm sick & tired of fighting the weeds that creep under the fence from the field every year. (It dawned on me that every time I water the veggies, the water runs out into the field... so no wonder those weeds are always so happy!)

I decided to build up the area outside one end of the garden, where the ground abruptly slopes down into the field. I needed to solve a problem anyway, of the garden soil washing away under the fence a little more every year... (it's on just enough of a decline inside the garden, to provide adequate drainage, but for the most part, the ground is level until it gets to the fence line.) Anyway, what began as a simple weeding chore, turned into a 2' X 20' garden bed!

Before  -

After  -

Every summer I pull up those slats that fit into the chain link fencing so my plants can be in the sun. It also keeps the deer from jumping in there for a snack. (That's why the fence looks different in the before & after photos.)

I can't believe I did this in just 5 1/2 hours!! Tuesday morning I got all the weeds pulled & rounded up the chunks of cement & pieces of 4X4's that were laying here & there, out in the field. (3 hours) Later in the evening, when it was cool enough to work outside again, I drove in some rebar to hold the cement pieces in place, built a little "wall" at the steep end, extended the "wall" with the 4X4's where the ground levels out more, & filled it all in with dirt! (90 minutes) Wednesday morning, I went out & turned the weed eater lose on the rest of the weeds on the other side of the property line (the string,) where the firebreak didn't get mowed in the field beyond our property. (1 hour)

Today I planted Dill & Basil there, & will be setting out several Devil's claw plants, as soon as they germinate. I'm hoping, since deer have always snacked on parts of pole bean, pea & melon plants growing too close to the fence, that the "deer resistant" plants I'm putting outside the fence will serve as a barrier, & make them turn away before they notice that there is something to eat, just beyond!

* * * *
by tamara on May 19, 2006 11:18 PM
Wow Patty, what a difference. Great idea.

* * * *
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by weezie13 on May 20, 2006 02:04 AM
Very Nice, I have some projects for you, wanna come on over?? [grin] [Smile] [lala]

Just kiddin' you!!
But it is very nice...

Did you say you're putting dill in there..
I hear dill reseeds quit profoundly...

* * * *

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by plants 'n pots on May 20, 2006 02:29 AM
I'm soooooo impressed, Patty!!!

And thanks for explaining about the white slats - I was just about to ask! [Big Grin]

* * * *
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by Patty S on May 20, 2006 05:58 AM
Thanks girls! I'm really pleased with the way this turned out, myself! Weezie, if you didn't live where the weather doesn't know which way's up this year, I'd love to come & help you knock your list down! Normally it does nothing but rain all Spring here, but I think we got your weather this year! [nutz]

My hands are paying for my accomplishment, but I figure that I'll heal up, just like the last time I got on a landscaping kick! I got up early again Thursday morning, all rarin' to get out there & impress myself again, but ended up staring out the kitchen window, with my hands in a sink of hot Epsom Salts water for 20 minutes! It took the ache out of these arthritic fingers, but the hot water made them puffy. I really like the way puffiness smoothes out wrinkles... I need to try that on my face & neck!!) [grin]

After about 6 weeks of no rain (& a week of temperatures ranging from 80* - 98*), it's actually cloudy & drizzling out there this morning! I guess I'll drag out the dust rag & the vacuum today & catch up inside the house, while my body parts heal up. I hope the rain doesn't last too long, but I've been outside every 2 hours for the past week, keeping things dampened down where I have new seedlings in flower beds, & grass seed started in the bare spots of our new lawn... & I need a day off! (I do love it when you can plant seeds & let God water them for you!) [thumb]

On second thought, my daughter has the day off & was going to come over & dig up some Strawberry plants from the spot where I'd dumped old plants last year, for the deer & the birds ...(& they sent off runners, so there are new plants all over that spot). I think I'll go put the beach umbrella in the holder out there, to keep it dry so we can do that anyway! "Where there's a will, there's a way"'s more fun outside!

* * * *
by patches1414 on May 20, 2006 06:17 AM
Hey Patty, that really looks great and I know it was a lot of work! [Eek!] I'manxious to see it when you have things growing in it. [Wink] I'm finding as I get older the price I pay for working in the yard gets higher! [Frown] Plus the added cost of the Epsom Salt baths! [Big Grin]

* * * *
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