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Spots on my roses

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by MaryD on May 16, 2005 04:49 AM
Okay, newbie is back with more questions [wayey]

We inherited a rosebush with the house, and at first we thought it might be a climbing bush, but I'm not I'm wondering if its a rambling rosebush - if there's even a difference [dunno] Here's a picture

We were so thrilled it was blooming. We planted a bunch of rose bushes last month, and only one of them is blooming, so this 'veteran' was exciting for us. Today I noticed on the vines/branches/whatevers that the flowers are on has yellowish leaves and black spots near the bottom (I'd say, from the ground up about 1 foot). I'm thinking that's not good. You can see some yellow spotted leaves on the right side. That one happens to be without any buds, but most that I found were on canes that were flowering (old shoots?)

My question is, how 'not good' is it, and what do I do now?! I'd like to keep any 'cure' for diseases organic, if at all possible.

Thanks for any insight! [angel]

by pcgrav on May 16, 2005 05:53 PM
Circular black spots surrounded by a yellowish halo-- eventually leaves turn yellow and fall frome the plant as the spots get larger-- if this is what you are experiencing then your plant may have a case of "Black Spot"-- its a fungus-- spread by over-head watering or rainfall. Its most common in humid and rainy conditions. The fungus spores germinate in water-- once a plant is infected the fungus will stay in old leavesleft on the ground or int the canes through the winter and reappear on the next season's growth. -- There is no chemical cure-- in early spring after an infection, prune the canes back lower than normal to eliminate the fungus spores that may have survived over the winter-- apply a lime-sulfer spray before the leaves open. Remove all infected leaves from plant and ground and destroy. Water in the morning so the plants will have time to dry before evening and do not water plants from above. Wet leaves promote fungus growth.
Try the following site for organic treatment measures:

I hope this helps you some...

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by MaryD on May 16, 2005 06:58 PM
Thank you! I've read about black spot before, and it makes sense - though we haven't watered from above (this is one of the things I actually know not to do! LOL!) it has been raining quite a bit. Yesterday I picked up any fallen leaves, and even picked off some of the infected leaves (not sure if that was a good idea or if I should wait for them to fall). Thanks for your help, and your welcome!

by pcgrav on May 16, 2005 07:23 PM
Go ahead and pick of any diseased leaves as this will help eliminate further infection. And since the condition is so close to the bottom of the plant(it appears to be in the photo) you might try the sulfur treatment around the lower part of the plant maybe as a deterant to futher contamination. You may be able to contact someone via the website I offered and ask them if it would help... Best of Luck with the roses!

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 - Each day is a new beginning...What you begin is your choice.
 - The pleasure you receive from life is equal only to the attitude you put into it.
by MaryD on May 16, 2005 08:22 PM
Thanks - I'll pick off those leaves today. It's very close to the rosebed I just planted, and I'd be pretty upset if they got the fungus too! I'll try the sulfur from that website - afraid I'm going to go nuts buying stuff - I've already seen 3 or more things I need! [thumb]

Thanks again for your help!

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