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Dead Pachira?

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by Msbutterfly_75 on September 13, 2005 12:37 AM
I have had a "money tree", pachira plant for over a year now, we have had plenty of ups but mostly downs. When first purchased I placed it in the back of my truck and it twisted and turned on the way home which left me with just a trunk. I set it outside my front door and forgot about it until weeks later I came home one day to discover this beautiful bloomng tree. Next, I moved it from California to Pennsylvania because I refused to part with it but in order to fit it in the car I had to take all of the leaf branches off so I started all over with the trunk. It grew back beautifully with moderate light and adeqate water. I babied this one back. Then I moved in the middle of winter and it did not like being in the cold even for 20 minutes and all the leaves fell off. I babied it again. This time I am at a loss, I came back from vacation to find all of my leaves drooping, they weren't yellow but they fell off to the touch and there are parts of the trunk that seem to mush in my hands. That's the only way I can describe it. The trunk feels wet in parts and I'm leaf-less again! What can I do if anything? I would also like to know when is it time to repot? There is only 1-2 inches in the pot around the massive trunk. Thanks!

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